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        The Hampton Fire Company was formed August 12, 1931 by concerned citizens. They met shortly after a fire destroyed two barns in town and threatened to burn the entire village. Neighboring fire companies finally brought the flames under control, but the need for a local fire department was clearly evident. Once formed, the company held its monthly meetings in the local mechanics garage. This continued until 1951 when the original engine house was completed.

        The first fire fighting apparatus was not purchased until September 5, 1939. This is when a 1931 GMC Truck was put in service. It was equipped with a Barton pump and carried 100 gallons of water. Up until that time, according to the "old timers", equipment consisted of a wooden bucket, a big chew of tobacco, and a good aim.

        The land that was purchased in 1949 and 1951 brought the total size to just over 10 acres. In 1950, construction began on the original fire house. It consisted of a 40' x 80' dining hall with a basement, a 20' x 30' engine room and a 16' x 30' kitchen. In 1986 a 40' x 80' addition was built on to the existing dining hall and the kitchen area was enlarged.  In the late 1980's air conditioning was added to the dining hall and kitchen. The hall is used for such functions as dances, feeds, raffles, and drawings. The hall is also available for banquets.

        In 1956 the original fire truck was replaced with a 1951 Dodge which carried 750 gallons of water and a Hale pump. Also added was a 1950 International with a 1000 gallon tank. This truck served 10 years until it was replaced with a brand new GMC Tanker which carried 100 gallons of water. Three years later the "Old Dodge" was retired and in it's place stood a 1969 Ford which carried a 750 gallon tank with a Hale pump powered by a Chrysler engine.

        With trucks getting bigger, the engine room becoming more crowded, and the need for more equipment clearly visible, the company erected a modern engine room on the south side of the original building in 1971. The new engine room was connected to the old section with a 20' hallway.

        In 1980 the company purchased a new International tanker truck with a 2200 gallon tank and a 10" dump.  In July 1986 the company purchased a new Ford 3-D Engine with a 1250 gpm pump which carried 1000 gallons of water. In early spring 1989, the company replaced the 1969 Ford engine and put into service a 1974 Dodge Ambulance type QRS unit. In 1994 this unit was replaced with a new GMC Suburban which, was put in service for and, is currently used for medical calls and to transport personal to and from fire and accident calls.

        In Spring of 1994 the company placed into service a 1994 Engine/Tanker, built by New Lexington on a Spartin chassis. This unit replaced the 1965 GMC tanker. In 2005 the company placed into service a custom built Sutphen Engine. When this unit was placed into service the 1980 tanker and the 1985 engine we placed out of service and sold to another fire company in need of updated apparatus (this equipment fit their needs).

        Fire company meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month. There are approximately 165 members. The Auxiliary was organized in 1946. 

        We would like to thank the community for all their support over the years.